Friday, September 17, 2010

I Feel Pretty

Have you seend Monique Lhuillier's Spring 2011? Well let me enlighten you... lighten is the optimal word here because these pictures are about to make you feel light as a feather. Feminine, floaty, glittery... I want to spend all day looking at these pictures in an ethereal daydream. Behold:

Oh, I want to die! Can I please have that sparkly tule one? Oh please, oh please world? How killer would that be as a wedding dress. Or for any ocassion really? Happy Friday, everyone!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Peacoats in a pod.

Woo, so I have been a very bad blogger lately, I know. I am very surprised to see that people are still looking at my blog even though I have not written in it forever. In fact one more person is following now? At any rate, I thought I would start up again. Summer is sadly over and it feels very much like Fall. I feel like this happened very suddenly this year but what will be, will be. I do love Fall clothes and also holidays. Right now I am plotting my trip to Chicago, where I will spend Halloween weekend. I am brewing all kinds of excuses for clothes I "need" to buy for the trip but mainly I just really want this peacoat:

It's from J Crew and so hard to resist. I want it in this exact color because it will look good with my hair. Another Fall item on my list is sweater dresses. What could be better than covering your entire body in sweater material? The answer is nothing. Especially if this is what it will look like:

Thank you Dear Creatures for this trinket of genius and your unrelenting dedication to sailor inspired cuteness even into the Fall. I really thought it would be a summer only trend but you found a way. Next up on my fall wardrobe check-list is boots.

Some people don't like booties but I am into them. They are a lot less restricting. I like the black ones pictured above. Super cute fringe and you can fold them to make them different heights. Check them out at the Anthro website.


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