Monday, September 12, 2011

Dreaming of My Dream House

Good morning Zomblets,

It's Monday and I'd rather be at home. I'm sure most of you feel the same way so I am going to do a little 'home' montage. This is pretty much inspiration for my dream house. I hope at least some of it comes true!

I would love to live in a victorian house. I used to live in Santa Cruz where there are so many gorgeous victorians but I never got the chance. I also really want a front porch, a sun room, chickens, bees, an amazing closet and a spectacular garden.

Images: One, Two, Three, Four, Five , Six, Seven, Eight , Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen. 


  1. hey, wait a second, that's MY dream home!

  2. Love the first bed with the cutouts...looks so cozy!

  3. Haha! Maybe we should be housemates then! Marnie, how rad that would that be for a kids room?

  4. I may be just a little bit in love with that attic bedroom. I think I'd like being tucked away at the top of the house like that, getting away from it all. When I'm desperate for some space, I really am desperate and I not only want to be on my own, I don't want to be able to see or hear anyone else either. These moments don't tend to last long but if I don't indulge them while they do last, I go slowly round the twist.

    That's part of the reason why I'd like my dream house to stand on its own little bit of land, the way that a lot of the American and Canadian houses do. The way houses are built here is just downright claustrophobic. Usually in ugly great lines of identical brick things. You're very, very aware of your neighbours.

    To be fair, it's probably a space-saving measure but I really wish they'd come up with one that was easier on the eyes. You do get the odd house that's unique but you're looking at a crazy house valuation.

  5. I used to live in a house with attic/loft bedrooms like that and they were all wood. It was amazing. My housemates and I would go up and watch movies, climb out on the roof and look at stars. I just loved it. Where do you live?


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