Friday, January 28, 2011

Crop Top Summer

I am anxiously awaiting the return of crop tops. I love them. I am all about the early 90's fads this summer but I'm staying away from plaid and boots and those ugly floral dresses. No, thanks. Instead, I will be embracing crop tops, high waists and clogs. Alicia Silverstone, here I come!

To be fair, high waists and cropped tops weren't exactly born in the 90's.

It's outfits like these that make me wish I lived in the 40's. They could get away with the craziest stuff back then! All those bizarre hats... but I guess I should just accept that I live in the year 2011. Anyway, here is my crop top inspired outfit for summer.

It would be great to have that giant hat, too. Very 40's crazy.


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