Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Etsy Fav: Jason Laferrera

I am soo jealous of these! I tried to do something like this when I was in high school. I did a painting of a native american man and spliced in map (kinda cheesy, I know) but I didn't have very good maps to work with and I didn't quite realize how to use the maps the way I wanted to, the way this artist has! Behold, Jason Laferrera! I love this. Take a gander:

I can't decide which is my favorite but I really love that pigeon for some reason. It's such a great shape. Which is your favorite? I'm curious!


  1. I like the fox.You should start that project again it sounds very cool, maybe you could use maps of Native American Reservations...

  2. So many things to do, so little time!


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