Monday, July 11, 2011

Back from Mexico... mostly...

Good morning, zomblets!

I am back from Mexico and have spent the weekend trying to adjust to life as usual again with little success. Some things I am having trouble with? Knowing what day/time it is, NOT having a constant layer of sunscreen, bug repellent and sand on my skin, breathing in air with a reasonable moisture content, taking only one shower a day, and wearing pants.

For those of you with the travel bug I will give you a rundown of our itinerary. We spent 2 weeks in Mexico starting with an overnight in Cancun. From there we drove to Merida stopping at ruins along the way. We did a couple of day trips from Merida: going for a swim in Progresso and checking out the 3 cenotes in Cuzama. Then we spent a lazy Sunday in Merida mostly by our hotel pool. From there we wanted to go to Celestun but a tropical storm changed our plans and we headed straight for Palenque with an overnight stop in Campeche. The streets of Campeche flooded overnight and we had to drive through basically rivers to get out. I still can't believe we made it without trashing our car! Chiapas was beautiful and a full on jungle. We didn't stay long because we were eager to make it to the beach and were hoping the weather would be better somewhere else. The Palenque ruins were amazing, however and worth the drive. We made it to Tulum in 8 hours and were relieved to find that the weather was better! In Tulum we rented bikes, saw some more cenotes (The Grand Cenote was amazing) and basically got in some relaxing beach time. We all really loved Tulum for its relaxed atmosphere and eclectic population. Our last stop was Isla Mujeres which was strange at first because it was so touristy and no one spoke Spanish but then turned out to be really beautiful, relaxing and fun. We went snorkeling, met other travelers and drank many margaritas. It was a great trip with great friends and we had an awesome time! Now here are the pictures I promised:

Yep, that is me with the limes. Note that I look like I am sweating at night. I don't think it was ever less than 85F degrees out! I'm glad that San Diego has been so warm since I got home. I don't know what I would have done if I had to come home to weather below 70F!

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