Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Costumes for the Guys

Good morning Zomblets!

Since only 2 of you entered the contest (how sad) I declare you both winners and will be sending you each a copy of my Halloween mix! Thank you PuppyLovePrincess and Lilja! You both have excellent taste in Halloween songs and hopefully I can include some songs you don't already know in my mix. To receive your prize please send your address to hilary.a.kearney{@} Now, on with my regularly scheduled post!


As promised here are some ideas for guy's costumes... of course some of these make excellent costumes period (regardless of gender).

Fantastic Mr. Fox! You will need a corduroy suit, yellow polo, and something that will make you look like a fox. You could go with a mask (the best would be if you made it yourself using fur material) or something like this hat and possibly one of those animal snouts

Old timey circus strong man! This is a great one if you have a mustache or a lot of muscles but you don't have to have either. You will need a mustache though be it painted or felt. Then you get to choose from a couple of different outfits. There's the stripped tank top, the leopard print toga, or the straight up vintage undies. Finally, you get to make a giant barbell! The easiest way is probably paper machete. 

King Tut! This one isn't really a costume you can thrift. Of course you can buy a lame pre-fab costume but the best way is DIY! Grab a white sheet and tie it into a sort of skirt (it can be knee length or full length). You'll need some stripped fabric for your headdress, throw on some eyeliner and voila! You could also paint yourself gold, which I think would be rad. You could carry a staff, wear jewelry, add that strange long goatee he has but as long as you have the headdress down and the eyeliner, you will be set!

Have a little fun and go as Hunter S. Thompson. You get to rant about Nixon and walk around with a cigarette holder in your mouth all night (don't forget the cigarette). Plus, you get to rock the classic floppy hat and Hawaiian shirt combo with aviators, shorts and calf-high white socks. You could even lug around an old skool type writer!

I really can't think of a better costume than Pauly Shore. You get to say ridiculous things AND dress like a freak. There are many ways to dress like Pauly but they should all include a head scarf and some form of vintage jeans. He also likes to rock vests, tight long sleeve shirts, tie-dye, fishnet shirts, bell bottoms, the color purple and cut-offs. Wheeze the ju-uice!

Why not go high-brow and dress as Vincent van Gogh? You will need facepaint, an ace bandage, optional fake blood, acrylic paint and a cheap suit. The idea is you paint your face as if it were a Van Gogh painting (with strong brush strokes) and then you do the same to your suit. Top it off by trying a bandage around your head to cover your missing ear. You could even carry around a prosthetic ear in a box and offer it to girls you meet at the party.

Slam dunk this Halloween and go as Teen Wolf! You will need a werewolf nose, brown face paint, and lots of fur! You will also need a yellow basketball jersey, matching short shorts, iron on computer transfer paper, nude colored leggings or nylons, a yellow headband, tube socks, sunglasses, fangs, werewolf hands and a basketball. Use the iron on paper to write "Beavers" and the number 42 on your jersey. Or you could also wear a Letterman jacket and vintage jeans that way you wont have to glue hair to your limbs. I recommend buying a couple of cheap long wigs (only one if you are going with outfit #2). For your head you can cut it to the right length and use the leftovers to make your hair line lower and give yourself a matching beard- check out how this guy did it. Use Spirit gum to glue the hairs to your face. For your arms and legs use nylons and then cut the hair from your second wig and glue it to the nylons. Then you basically just act like you are the coolest person at the party- and of course, in this costume, you will be!


  1. yay! i'm a winner, winner, chicken dinner!

    and i love these costume ideas. especially pauly shore. what a great excuse to be wonderfully obnoxious!

  2. Haha love the Mr. Fox and Van Gogh ideas! Very clever. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for including my vintage jeans in your costume sources. I love your vintage weight lifter costume idea, a couple of balls filled with spray foam insulation and spray painted black and a broomstick would do the trick for the weights. I also love your Hunter S. Thompson idea....a winner!

  4. These are great! I'm totally inspired! Sorry to have missed the competition...


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