Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twin Peaks Costumes!

Halloween events are drawing near and if you are like me, you just couldn't make up your mind and now here you are 4 days 'til the first of several costume parties and you still aren't ready! Well, just for you, I have come up with a Twin Peaks costume guide! It's true, that not everyone will get your costume because not everyone has seen Twin Peaks but it will be worth it when you come across another TP fan and they gush over how great your costume is.

There are many zany characters in Twin Peaks but probably one of the best costume-wise is the Log Lady. You will need a knit, earthy colored sweater, red glasses and a log! Of course there are other items (like that neck pin she has on) that will take your costume above and beyond but the sweater, glasses and log are the essentials. To get yourself in character, I recommend brushing up on your Log Lady-isms so you can recite her wisdom all night long. And don't forget to get snippy with people when they ask about your log!

Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic is pretty hard to pull off but if you are up for it, it is also probably the one that requires the least planning. All you need is a plastic sheet (plastic paint drops look best), some duck tape and makeup. A lot of people over-do the makeup, so take a good look at this picture because there's really no need to paint your face white and your lips bright purple. Her lips are a light pearly purple and she actually has a bit of red/brown shadow on her lids. I would go for subtlety and add some gold leaf to your face on top of that. You can also put a bunch of hair gel in to achieve the wet look. If you want to get complicated you could try making a wire frame to hold the plastic in a sort of halo around your head. 

Who doesn't want to be Agent Cooper for the night? You will need a white dress shirt, tie, slacks, a trench coat and some pomade. You can also just go in a suit (sans the trench coat) but I think the trench coat is more exciting. You may also want to carry around a cup of coffee (so you can rave about it) and/or a tape recorder (so you can break into self reflection at any moment). Don't forget to give people the thumbs up!

Another excellent costume option is Nadim. There are actually TWO ways to dress as Nadim. You can go in a red and white cheer-leading outfit or a pink prom dress. Both will require an eye patch and both sound equally fun! A friend of mine went in the cheer leading outfit a few years ago and she cut out 'Twin Peaks' in felt and glued it on the front- it looked great. Don't forget to make use of your super-human strength!

Sometimes I wish I were an middle aged man just so I can be a decent Dr. Jacoby for Halloween. He has some of the best outfits on the show! You can really get creative with picking out what to wear but I think the standard is a Hawaiian shirt. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and go with another outfit though. I love his atlas shirt and sweater vest combo shown above. No matter what you wear though, you will need his classic red and blue 3D glasses. These are hard to find so I recommend buying some similar frames and then replacing the lenses with colored cellophane. Good Luck!


  1. This is lovely! I adore Twin Peaks. Also, speaking of "if zombies were supermodels"...(http://blog.artsparrow.com/2011/10/falltights) I think you & I were destined to be blog friends ;)

  2. Lol zombies supermodel..This is interesting.


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