Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm kind of loving this Halloween on a Monday thing because as it turns out, it just means you get to have Halloween Th-M! I started off my Halloween weekend with a costumed kick ball game on Thursday, followed by costumed Critical Mass on Friday, followed by house parties on Saturday and more of the same on Sunday... only I couldn't bring myself to party anymore on Sunday especially since I had to get up and come to work today so, I just watched horror movies instead. Here I am in my Friday costume.

 On Saturday I went as Maid Marian from Men In Tights (complete with chastity belt)! 

I went around unabashedly flashing people my chastity belt all night and saying "I'm sooo happ-eh!" 

Sorry these pictures aren't the best qual. What was your costume?

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  1. Can I ask if you made your costume or bought it for maid Marian?


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