Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Perfect Presents by Polli

Polli. I love this little shop. They have such cute things plus, they are all sustainable! I think they would make really awesome gifts. Be it a gift to yourself or a friend! How rad are these cufflinks? Now you know what to get your brother/guy friend/boyfriend for his birthday.

Wooden Day of the Dead Cufflinks
Wooden Penny Cufflinks - teal

They also have really awesome jewelry. So now you know what to get your sister/gal friend/self for her birthday! 

Kohl Gold Mrs Fox Necklace
Kohl Gold Butterflies Necklace

I loooove the fox pendant. You could write on the card, "Because you're stone cold..." 

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  1. you're right, that fox necklace is so cool! and foxy ;)


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