Monday, April 12, 2010

Decorous Decor

Apparently, when you have a wedding there is supposed to be some kind of theme that goes with it, or at least a color scheme. I don't know if I want to put my imaginary wedding in some kind of themed box... I feel that could be restrictive. I am toying with some ideas, however...

Annie Leibovitz's amazing Alice In Wonderland fashion shoot for Vogue 2003.

I love Alice In Wonderland but with the recent film release I feel it is slightly overexposed, but the I also feel that it can never be overexposed because it is a classic! The entire idea of a theme wedding is tacky. I am acutely aware that an overt Alice In Wonderland theme would be really tiresome, but I realized that a lot of what I want at my make-believe wedding is related to Alice. So, perhaps a subliminal Alice theme is okay.

Croquet for all! This is one thing I know I want. It is classy and fun for everyone. I used to play this when my faraway uncles and aunts came to visit and I always loved it. Ps: This little girl is adorable!

Images from Rachel Antonoff's 2009 collection

I want to rent a beautiful, giant house and have my gang come stay in it with me the week before the wedding. Sort of an elongated bachelorette party, which is actually more like a sleepover and yes, we are going to make cakes! I think it will look exactly like this scene. I am going to start practicing now so I can be a master cake maker and I want a whole table of cakes and tea for my guests to feast upon. I imagine it will look like the Mad Hatter's table, with tea cups and cakes everywhere! 

Off with their heads! I mean... On with their hats! I know I said this in my last post, but I just can't get enough hats, wreaths and hair clips as far as weddings go. I want the whole  thing to feel like an old-timey picnic with a leisurely decadence about it. I think tea, croquet, cakes and hats all fits together nicely, don't you?

Other theme ideas that I like are: a 50's Hawaiian Luau,  an Old Skool Carnival and a Smokey Jazz club. I think it is a good idea to think of a place you would like to be, imagine what it would be like and then take your favorite elements from the scene and use them. 

If you wanted a fun and campy Hawaiian theme you could provide lays for everyone, or have Hawaiian cuisine. You could play the entire soundtrack for Blue Hawaii and require everyone to wear Hawaiian themed beach apparel. Sure, it would be tacky but it would be fun! Nice legs, Elvis!

Photo by Susannaht

The carnival theme could be tricky. I think you have to surrender to the loudness of the theme. It would be really cool to have performers. You could set up big stripped tents, instead of the traditional white ones. There could be a large stage for the performers and then afterwards you could perform the vows on it. You could do small DIY stuff like make your own save the date cards and use ticket stubs to decorate them or create posters for the wedding that look like old carnival posters. It would be kind of gross to have carnival themed food but maybe you could tastefully include popcorn or cotton candy. It would be great to have a photo booth! Just think of the things you love most about carnivals.

This theme would be quite the feat, or maybe it would just be hard on the wallet. You would have to rent some kind of bar or club for the night, there would have to be a sultry singer, a classy looking bar, lots of crowded, round tables, a dance floor and waiters. Attire must be evening. The wedding dress should be sleek, instead of showy and where would you get married? Maybe you would marry before hand with a handful of witnesses and then have everyone meet you here for the "after party" to celebrate.


  1. im confused, are you actually getting married?

  2. No, but someone requested I do a wedding post and that kind of unleashed a whole bunch of plans for a wedding that I am not currently planning other than in fantasy land. Make sense? Gee, now I sounds like a lunatic.


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