Monday, April 26, 2010

Hairstyles LOST

Dear Lost,

Could you please stop dipping the front of Jack's head in a vat of cheap hair gel before every shoot?

                                                                                                        Your Fashion Conscious Fan Base

Yes, I am a Lostie and as can be expected I have really been enjoying this season of Lost. Just one thing has gotten in the way. BAD HAIR! Okay, now for those of you who watch Lost, you know that they aren't the most accurate about their characters appearances and also everyone dresses like they were originally cast for one of those dancing GAP commercials but then ended up stranded on an island instead. However, this season's styling has been particularly hard to ignore.

Look at them. I feel like they could start dancing at any minute, but then Sawyer would just punch Jack in the face instead of doing the choreographed lift. Man, that just doesn't happen enough. Everyone is in boring, GAP-like separates except for Charlie. He looks like he just wandered off the set of a Rolling Stone's photo shoot and ended up in this one by mistake.

Somehow Jack maintains constant stubble for this entire series, except for his infamous off-island beard phase. I have to say he was doing okay right up until this season. I like his transformation from 'grumpy but kind of hot, polished suit & tie man' to 'there's something more to me tatted jungle man' and I really love his 'alcoholic, punk rock, bearded man' phase. This season however, he appears to have transformed into 'going grey, irrational, hair gel man" and I really don't like it. Take a look:


Also, what is with this terrible side part? Sometimes I feel like if the camera were to pan down, he would be wearing a pair of little school boy shorts and holding a giant lollie.

Yet another example from season 6. Claire returns and wow, she really let herself go! Also, she is crazy. I love that she made a disgusting replacement baby out of bones and fur. It is like the perfect accessory for her new look. She doesn't look so hot in the flash sideways either, I know she is pregnant but is she wearing a wig or is it just me?

This is not unique to season 6 but... doesn't Juliette look like a troll doll? Her face looks like it is made from clay, plus she is always widening her eyes and flaring her nostrils to enhace the resemblance. Perhaps she is related to the original troll doll look alikes- the Olson twins! I can't help but wonder if the answer to LOST is somehow wrapped up in this connection.

One thing does remain constant- Desmond is a hottie! And I think he looks even better this season. No wonder my suspicions about him uniting the time lines are coming true. Desmond rules. I hope I do see him in another life.

This really says it all. Thank you Piper for this amazing photo.

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