Monday, April 19, 2010

Bridezilla w/ a Fringe on Top

I kind of do feel like barfing now after all these wedding posts, sometimes I wonder if I really could go through with this 'imaginary wedding' I have planned. I could totally see myself weighing the cost of the wedding against 3+ months of travel and ditchin' it all at the last minute in favor of travel. Too bad for me I don't really have that option now... still, I couldn't end this string without a  head to toe bride-guide. So, I have mustered the strength to do one final wedding-themed post.

First up, head gear! How to choose... It's a toughie. You can go with a veil, a hat, a headband, flowers, jewels... and then it's  what kind of veil, what kind of hat, what kind of flowers? I have a weakness for birdcage veils, personally, but there are still so many choices to be made. I love the gorgeous veil in the middle, it is like a hat-veil and it doesn't hide her face. Then again, the veil on the left adds a beautiful softness, and the veil on the right is just flat out fabulous. I mean, a giant tulle bow and birdcage? Yes, please!

Flower head pieces have so much versatility. They can be hippy, or sweet, or avant garde. I'm not a huge fan of the hippy wedding look, so I didn't really include any wreaths crafted from sticks and berries but if you are into that I will say that the Etsy seller WhichGoose has some of the only tasteful versions of that I have seen. Hippies aside, I love this vintage daisy hat! I'm so into how old hats are really just expanded head bands. And Last but not least, check out this giant flower head piece! It's pretty bold, I know, but I think it looks really great. I think it's a clever touch of modernity without getting too far out of bounds as far as wedding wear goes. Great picture also--love that shadow.

For a more whimsical bridal look, I love these hats. The one on the right is darling. If I were attending a wedding this summer, I would definitely nab it... but I do think it would work great on a bride mainly because it would be unexpected.The one in the middle is classic and romantic, it remind me a little of Jackie O. The one on the left is pure fun. Makes me think of performers or the Mad Hatter.

Here's the biggie. How do you even choose a wedding dress? I'm in love with all 3 of these. One of the questions you might want to ask yourself though, is how mobile do you want to be? The dress on the right is gorgeous, but it is huge and long. Dancing would be hard, but who cares if you are going to look that great, right? The dress in the middle is obviously the best suited to dancing, but when else can you wear a giant dress, maybe you don't want to miss out on  that chance. Or perhaps you can have the best of both worlds with the dress on the left. One thing I love about tea length dresses, they can be big but short enough to dance in. Plus, you can see the shoes! I'm also diggin' the blue tint of the dress on the left.

More to swoon over. Again with the giant skirt. Can you imagine being in the center of all that tulle?  Your new husband won't even be able to cop a feel on the dance floor! I'd like to believe that you would feel like a floating princess, but maybe you would just feel like you are trapped in a hole filled with crepe... Of course you could go for the sleeker dress. I like the one on the right because it is sleek with a little bit of volume. You'd probably have to be as skinny as a rail though, because those folds of fabric could end up making a girl with curves look like a pack horse. Great vintage inspired tea dress on the left. I love the sleeves on this one. It can be pretty difficult to find a wedding dress that isn't strapless. What about us busty gals? I don't know about anyone else but strapless bras are bullshit. If I opt for a strapless dress, I need nothing less than a corset!

More dresses by SarahSeven, BridalBlissDesigns, and ...? (I lost the link! Oops.)

And here come the shoes! Okay, so I didn't go for much variety here. I actually do encourage the use of color in wedding shoes, but it is hard to make a suggestion without any of the other pieces in place. So, I've stuck to classics. Check out the sweet little rosebud details on those shoes in the upper right. I'm also a fan of bows, if you couldn't tell. Everyone does things differently but I would suggest that you decide on a dress first, then decide on how you want to style it (i.e. sweet, edgy, hippy, vintage) and then decide on your shoes, veil, jewelry etc. Let's face it, when you are planning a wedding look, it isn't just a dress up or dress down option. There are so many options there may as well be a dress sideways, diagonal, upside down, and inverted option, also!

Shoes by Rsvp 1 & 2, Cole Hann, and  1, 2, 3 by Kate Spade.

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  1. Wow, you really WORK at your blog posts! Hmnnn...maybe that strategy would work for me too...I just need to try it! (wait, will that be hard?) Thanks again for featuring a little C&G item in your post! We love being associated with Zombie Supermodels!


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