Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here comes the Groom

Yeah, what about the groom? Maybe if we could get our act together and legalize gay marriage there would be more focus on the groom. I mean, why is it that the toilet seat's proper position is lid down? Isn't it just as easy for the woman to flip the lid down from the up position as it is for the man to flip it up from the down? Not that I'm not a feminist, I just don't think we should give the guys such a hard time about it. Toilet talk aside...

In my mind, you better be going classic (and I don't mean boring) or you better be doing something different (and I don't mean something like you and your groomsmen all wear matching converse). I love the shiny lapel on this tuxedo, also I love this tiny little bow tie. If it were a kiss, it would be a perfect little pucker instead of a big sloppy dog kiss like most bow ties. Also, thank you J. Crew, every time I look in the men's section I want to die, because the models look totally hot. Hot for once because they have their shirts on, and they fit perfectly.

I would be pretty awesome if you just happened to have one of your grandfather's suits, and he dressed as snazzy as this guy. Damn. Maybe if you could just find anything with tails, that would work. Really, I just wanted an excuse to use this picture, isn't it great?

Tom Ford Spring 2000

Certainly, this suit is different. What a color! I guess the bride would be kind of pissed if the groom looked better than her but I still really like the idea of a crazy suit like this. Plus, it would look great next to white. If the groom wore a strong color like this, the groomsmen could wear something more subdued with accents that match the groom's suit. I'm imagining a plaid tie with the same red in it, suspenders, a vest, red socks? I like the idea of the groomsmen all wearing different elements of the groom's outfit. That way they can all be distinctive but still remain cohesive. It seems like a good idea for the groomsmen to go jacketless, it allows for more variety. I don't have a picture of what I mean, but imagine the man above is the groom. His groomsmen are wearing pink, brown or red suit pieces with elements of the the plaid from his tie and/or red. They are all wearing it in different ways, because they have mixed and matched but the groom is the main attraction because he is the only one dressed in the full red suit.

As much as I like the sockless look of the man above, I just can't get enough of wingtips. Really, you can't go wrong and you don't have to spend $200 at J. Crew to get them, they are all over Ebay! Hurray! Every man should have a pair in black and in brown. I'm also a fan of the suede ones.

I love the idea of hats floating around. Lice be damned! It's share and share alike. And they don't have to all be fedoras or panama hats, I love the newsboy caps as well. When I was little I got lice so many times from sharing hats that my parents are traumatized to this day. My mom still warns me about sharing hats and hair brushes with my friends any chance she gets and just the other week my dad exploded into a rant about lice prevention upon hearing that the hat I had on was not my own. Don't worry everyone, I've been lice free for the last 15 years, okay?


  1. hey I recognize that one hat! it's from bontonvintage on etsy!

  2. Thanks for including my hat!! Appreciate it!

  3. Such a good point! Never really thought about it (which is probably why it's such a problem they get left out!)



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