Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Audrey Horne

My house mate just bought the Twin Peaks box set and we are re-watching them all. This has re-ignited my infatuation with the show and consequential girl crush on Audrey Horne. Not to mention my actual crush on Agent Cooper. Conveniently, Audrey loves Coop so this all works out nicely for me.

It is my belief that David Lynch intended Audrey and Coop to eventually be together but that CBS ruined it all when they pressured Lynch to reveal secrets that he never intended to reveal in season one. CBS's interference is the obvious reason for the shows later cancellation and the ridiculous plot twists that occur directly before. Curse their black souls. Still, I can't help but love the show. I even love the F-U approach Lynch takes towards the end.

At any rate, Audrey is a stone fox. I love her little sweaters, saddle shoes, devil-may-care attitude and dance segments. Plus her taste in men.

But seriously, I want these shoes. With all the freaking Oxfords around you'd think I could find them but I can't. I did find a runner up with a nice twist, though.

I'm into these cut-outs. I just wish the black and white were reversed. Oh well. Good enough, Jeffrey Campbell. You can buy them here.



    The reverse saddle is sometimes called a jazz oxford! Still not quite like Audrey's, but slightly closer.


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