Monday, May 3, 2010

Knit Picking

I just loooove knit sweaters. If they weren't so damn expensive (and if my housemates would stop shrinking mine) I would have a closet full! As it is, I only have 2. I  do have plans for expansion and am currently knitting one. Hopefully it fits correctly... This will be the first sweater that I have ever knit and it is quite ambitious. Want to see?

Isn't this a great vintage jumper? If you want to be a copy cat you can buy the pattern along with lots of other great patterns here. There are plenty more to be found here.

I am knitting it in a dusty rose color. It is kind of like the above yarn color but lighter. So far so good. I had to start over a couple of times because I got the tension wrong but I am almost done with the front panel now and it looks great! You may want to note that this pattern is pretty crazy and probably no one would recommend that you make it as a first sweater project.

These are in my knitting queue. I hope they aren't as hard as my current project... My dad has this theory that you should learn the hardest way first because then everything after that feels easy. For example, he taught me to drive in reverse. We went out to this empty field and he made me drive the whole time in reverse. That way, driving forward was easy. It worked pretty well, though I can't say that is what motivated me to start such a difficult sweater. Mainly, I just really want to wear it!

This sweater was worn in the film, The Edge of Love. Horrible movie (I ended up fast forwarding and I did not even make it to the end)-- amazing cardigans! My friend and I are obsessed with making this leaf pattern sweater and after weeks of research we both gave up. We found a couple of patterns that came close but were actually not the same sweater at all. I am, however determined to figure out how to knit this sweater so, I resumed my search again today. To my delight, I found a sweater that seems to have the correct type of leaves! I am very excited because this is what has bee holding us back. Once I get my hands on this *pattern, hopefully we can come up with an accurate pattern for this sweater! I'll keep you all posted on my progress. 

*The pattern shown, is someone else's alteration of the original pattern, but it is a step closer to the kind of alterations I intend to make.

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