Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How DARE you dare me!

My brother and mom are continuously shocked by how many packages I get delivered to the house. It's true that I have a little bit of a shopping problem... and it is also true that I send the packages to my mom's house so that my dad does not find out about how much I buy but what else is my paycheck for, right? Anyway, long story short, my brother has dared me to not shop at all during the month of July. In fact, he says that I cannot do it. Well I can and I will! Ha-Haaa! I was even tested today by the oh, so cruel and giant sale Anthro decided to have (curse their black souls) and I have not bought one thing. So far- so good. Give me strength, dear readers, give me strength. 

Yes, this is me swimming in the "closet of glory". No, it is not my closet. It is in fact, a tiny vintage store which was basically a closet crammed full of things that you had to dig through. Greatest thing ever, btw. I <3 Budapest.

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