Monday, July 19, 2010

Resulting Cowboy(girl)...

In case you were wondering how the 'country casual' wedding turned out... here are some pictures!

As you can see, everything was super cute. The only thing missing was my cowboy boots. I had a last minute wardrobe malfunction and rocked Greek sandals instead. Oh, well.

The bride had on the coolest boots!

We got super into wrapping our gifts appropriate to the theme. Can you believe we found snakeskin wrapping paper? Amazing!

The ring bearer was the cutest! I love the little pedestal they made out of hay for the rings.

My bf and I found this insane coat (made from what seemed like an entire bear) hanging in the saloon. Obviously, Tim had to put it on.

Yay for the happy couple!

(Photography by Nancy & George Zaferes, plus Tim O'Neil, Marnie Baird and yours truly.)

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