Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Will you go to the prom with me, Rachel Antonoff?

Rachel Antonoff put on yet another awesome showcase for her Fall 2011 line. This time she created a vintage prom environment in which to showcase her clothes. I think she took a cue for Sophia Coppala but I love it just the same. No one's prom is ever as cool as it is in the movies, it must have been great to make her own- complete with awesome clothes and The Like onstage.

I borrowed these photos from ERIN JEEN. because I was not lucky enough to go myself. More pictures are available on her site.

I love the tights the models are wearing plus, the saddle shoes! The shoes are (btw) now available at Free People. I hope Rachel does a Twin Peaks presentation next with even more saddle shoes!

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