Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Time of the Gemini

Today is my boyfriend's birthday! So close to mine, I know, that can only mean one thing- that we are both Geminis! How does a Gemini/Gemini couple stay sane you wonder? I'm not sure but one thing is true, we never get bored of each other! We have been together a little over 3 years and though we do get overwhelmed by the huge array of ever-changing interests we both possess, we always manage to find each other again.

I think in this past year alone we have considered: moving to the Philippines to become soap opera stars, joining the peace corps together, traveling through Europe for 2 months (just because), moving to Maui, starting a backyard apiary... and those are just the plans we made together! Both of us are trying to figure out what career path we want to be on. Tim just decided he wants to look into being a nurse or a PA instead of a fire fighter and I am toying with the idea of costume design. Life is hard but I am so glad I have Tim!

Are there any other Gemini/Gemini couples out there? I think Natalie Portman and her new hubby are. I wonder how it works for other duos?


  1. Happy Birthday month to both of You! You two are too cute!!!


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