Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Slightly Non-traditional Wedding Dresses

Good morning Zomblets!

As much as I try not to blog about weddings, I just can't help it! I keep running across dresses and thinking, "Oo! That would make a great wedding dress!" Then I save a picture to this little folder I keep hidden in my computer entitled 'wedding inspiration' but since I am not currently engaged I may as well share them with you guys. How about it? Anyone engaged? Either way they are pretty to look at.


I looove this dress! It's not your typical wedding dress but don't you think it would make for a sweet elopement dress? Or if you were having a backyard wedding? It could even be the secondary dress that you change into after the reception. I just love it.


If you like the looks of this one you need to click the link and watch the runway video. It moves so elegantly. The details and cut are perfect. 


I'm such a sucker for sparkles and a vintage silhouette! You could  really class up the place in this little number.


I have such a thing for 50's garden party dresses! I think they make the loveliest wedding gowns. I like the idea of wearing a pattern like this. you are mostly white but with soft, splashes of color for some excitement.

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