Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday Wish

This year for my birthday I want a trip to Vietnam. Sadly tickets are 1,300 dollars.... also, I would probably have to quit my job to go since I am already using all my vacation time to go to Mexico this month but that doesn't stop me from wanting it. Do you blame me?

 Isn't it glorious? It's also dirt cheap once you get there and I hear the streets are filled with tailors and cobblers who can make all sorts of awesome custom stuff. My boyfriend's brother just got back and he told me I could just show them a picture of what I want and they can make it! He had them make him a cashmere suit for $90. I'm going to start collecting pictures of shoes I want but can't afford so I can bring a whole binder with me when I go!

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  1. Wow, no, definitely can't blame you; now I want to go, too! Happy Birthday!, and may all your Birthday wishes come true!


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