Monday, June 20, 2011

Minxy Monday

Hello my minxy little zombies!

It's Monday again but for me it is Thursday because on Wednesday I leave for my trip to Mexico! I am very excited to see new things, spend time with friends and eat amazing food. I have been stock piling hot weather clothes for this trip and rightly so because it is supposed to be 99 degrees but according to the weather report there's also going to be a week long thunderstorm! All my planning is out the window because I have no clue how to dress in super hot rainy weather but at this point I don't really have anything better than shorts and tanks. I just asked my mom what she thought the locals wear and she told me that they all wear really big hats that keep the rain off...

Ha ha, mom, you are too funny. Weather/wardrobe crisis aside though, I do have some summer essentials to share:

Summer Essentials

I'm really into cat eye sunglasses right now (as you may know) and I am loving this giant chevron striped bag. I always consider Greek sandals to be a summer essential and I am especially glad to see comfortable tailored shorts come into style. One thing that is not in style this summer is getting burned to a crisp and that is why I have included this lovely, floppy sunhat and DeVita sunscreen. If you have never tried this sunscreen before, get ready to love me. It protects you from the sun but feel just like you are putting on a soothing lotion- not sticky, greasy sunscreen! Plus, it is all natural and from an environmentally friendly company. It's amazing stuff, you can test it out if there's a Whole Foods nearby you. I promise it's worth the price.


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