Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Miu Miu

I saw an Hailee Steinfield in a new Miu Miu ad. I am very jealous. 14 and rockin Miu Miu... I'm glad they didn't try hide her age though. They seemed to embrace it. In one of the pictures she's eating pizza! So cute. 

How gorg is the Fall collection? I wish I could afford these sparkly shoes... not to mention everything else. On a more critical note, the hair for the runway show was poorly done. Flat, greasy, uneven victory rolls? C'mmon now. Also, some of the looks freak me out because the tops are so big and boxy. I am in agreeance with reviving 1940's shoulder pads but these ones are way too exaggerated. It made the models look like cartoon bodyguards.

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