Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vintage Halloween Costumes Part II

 I have another round of Halloween costume ideas made up of vintage finds! (Here's Part I in case you missed it). I realize I am leaving out the guys on these posts but I'm thinking I will have to do a separate post for them. Also, pretty much all of these costumes would be great drag. Jus' sayin...

Remember the Barbie of your girlhood? Bright blue eye shadow, pink vests, giant plastic earrings, big hair? 1980's Barbie was the coolest and she makes the best Halloween costume also. All you need is some over the top, brightly colored 80's clothes, some classic Barbie heels, some cheesy 80's jewelry, a blonde wig and of course the right makeup. Go for bright blue eye shadow and light pink lips. If you want to have even more fun, get a pair of nude tights to wear under your outfit. Then when someone asks you what you are supposed to be, you can lift you skirt up and declare, "I'm Barbie!"

Who wants to be a Greek Goddess when you can be a hideous gorgon and wear snakes in your hair? That's right, I am talking about Medusa! All you need is a Grecian dress (it doesn't even have to be white), some Greek sandals and then you can have fun doing some ugly makeup and figuring out how to put snakes in your hair. The image I included above is a little too pretty for my taste but I thought it was clever the way they did her hair. You could also try making a snake head dress. The best thing about a Medusa costume is you can be as ugly or as sexy as you want. 

If you've got the know-how to do some killer vintage hair and the sass to go with it you may want to go as Lucille Ball! All you need is a vintage dress from the 50's (preferably with some kind of  big collar), the shoes to match, some pearls and those Lucy lips (the secret is lip liner). 

What could be more fun on Halloween than the bride of Beetlejuice? All you need is the ugliest red, 80's prom dress you can find (preferably with a high collar, long sleeves and lace), a red veil and some awesome Lydia hair

Another excellent option is to go as your favorite Clue character. Mine happens to be Mrs. Peacock. You will need a classy blue dress, a fur stole, an elaborate matching hat, some rhinestone jewels, and maybe a  brooch to give people a hint. I would also suggest making an effort with your hair and you should carry your murder weapon of choice: noose, revolver, candlestick, dagger, led pipe or ratchet. Then you will be all set to spend your night accusing the other party guests of murder! 


  1. What a great costume guide! Keep em coming!

  2. love the clue character idea! very fun.

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