Monday, March 21, 2011

Girl Crush: Kiera Knightley

It's monday in Z-land. So, let's brighten things up with yet another girl crush: Kiera Knightley.

She is just so gorgeous. Every time I look at her it amazes me. At the same time though, what really like about her is that she is not perfect. She's flat chested for one and she has big, scary British teeth but that's who she is. Plus, I kind of like the scary teeth. It makes her look like she's capable of biting you at any moment. And I'm so glad she hasn't gotten a boob job. You can't be slender and elegant and have giant breasts, it's just no fair, that is the trade off- it's one or the other. I can't believe she is only one year older than I am... she looks so mature maybe it's the makeup and lighting? On a non-aesthetic note, she's also a huge advocate of human rights.

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