Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love you long time, Mascara!

If you are like me, you have had a really hard time finding a mascara that doesn't suck. It's always too goopy, dries out your eyes, smudges or expires too soon. What a really can't stand is that weird smell most mascaras get when they are too old and I hate how they are only really for the first week and then get clumped up. Yuck!

Well, I have finally found The One! This mascara is the best! It's all natural so it doesn't dry out your eyes, it goes on smooth and it lasts forever! By that I mean, it doesn't get all clumped up or develop a weird smell after a couple of weeks of use. This is the first mascara that I have used to the very end and it is a pretty giant amount!

This is not for perfectionist, glam girls who want that crazy all day lasting coverage that you pretty much need to remove with paint thinner. It's also not like other natural mascaras that I have tried that come off all over your cheek after about 20 minutes and don't do anything for your lashes. I don't know how else to say it this stuff is perfect. It is a hefty price but if you consider that it will not expire in the way that all mascara's do and how much you get it is totally worth it. Plus you can buy a smaller sample size before committing to the full size and they have so many awesome colors!

Now that I have found it, I can't live without it!

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