Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Friday I'm In Love!

Maybe I should just change my Friday posts to "It's Friday I'm in Tijuana!" because I am going again tonight. I grew up with camping trips to Baja (which I loved) and so of course I have been to TJ but I always thought I hated Tijuana because it's crowded and dirty and depressing to see all the children begging for money on the streets but then I discovered Turista Libre. They do atypical tours of TJ once a month for super cheap! Now I realize that there are some awesome things to do in Tijuana and it's not as scary as everyone tells you. If you live in San Diego or if you are ever visiting you should definitely check it out! Tonight I am going to see this band and I cannot  wait!

How great are these guys?! Anyone else have exciting plans for the weekend? TGITJ everyone!

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