Monday, December 12, 2011

Etsy Fave: Datter Industries

Goodmorning Zomblets!

I completely failed at my mission to take pictures of myself in my holiday party outfit. I carried my camera around all night and did not take one photo! Oh well. I do have an Etsy fav for you today though. Datter Industries is charming the pants off me with it's cute and stylin' jewelry. I recently bought a pair of earrings for my friend's birthday and they are amazing.

Floating golden bird stud earrings
Sterling silver moth wing ring
Arrow stud earrings in sterling silver
Pointing hand brass lapel pin
Golden row of tiny skulls ring
Watchful Eye - sterling silver ring
Crossed chain sword necklace
Silver bow and arrow necklace

I love them all. What's your fav?

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