Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Girl Crush: Kristen Wiig

How can you not have a girl crush on Kristen Wiig? She's hilarious and hot. I'm so glad she's out there representing woman kind. I wish she was my aunt, friend, neighbor, coworker - anything!


Kristen Wiig as Me

Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig & Rose Byrne

Kristen Wiig. Work it girl.

If you haven't seen Bridesmaids, you should. I also really liked her in Paul. She's pretty great in everything but I am excited to see more things written by her (ala Bridesmaids). I heard she got the green light for a new movie that she wrote about a play-write who fakes her own death to get the attention of an ex-boyfriend. It sounds pretty awesome. Yay for Kristen Wiig!


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