Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ultimate Babe: Michael Schoeffling

It's time for some eye candy! Behold Michael Schoeffling (but forever known to me as Jake Ryan)! Yep, he's that hunk from Sixteen Candles. He wasn't in much (Mermaids and Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken come to mind) and he retired from acting shortly after but I think he was a lot of girl's first major on-screen crush. He is such an absolute fox all of us could totally relate to Molly Ringwald's character. Maybe that's why I was never such a fan of Pretty In Pink... the love interest in that movie is a total creep and soo not cute. I'm on team Duckie. By the way, I kinda want this shirt. But back to the subject at hand, I'm pretty sure Jake Ryan is the reason I love men in plaid. Now, let the babery begin!

Michael Schoeffling and Molly Ringwald

Gah! That scene where he bites his lip in Sixteen Candles still makes me want to die. What a sex god!



  1. Great post!! I was very young and I remember being crazy for him. I think the name of the movie is Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. :) One of my mom and I's favorite movies.

    1. You are so right! I figured that out later but I forgot to go back and fix it. I loved that movie as a girl, too. Thanks for your comment!


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