Monday, December 5, 2011

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

Good morning Z-land!

Can you believe December is upon us? If you are like me you are in a panic about what to buy for your friends and fam and then how you can afford it all! This year I am really liking the idea of services as gifts instead of good. Buy your parents dance classes, your brother a whale watching tour, get your BFF to the rock climbing gym! This kind of gift can be expensive but you can always check out groupons or get your siblings in on it and split the cost. In these depressing times, I think experiences feel much more rewarding than material possessions. Buuut... there's still something to be said for material possessions! Especially when they are awesome hand-made things and for that reason I put together a little Etsy gift guide.   
Click here to see the collection.
Etsy is great place to find unique gifts but don't forget you can always DIY and create your own unique treasure! Stay tuned for more gift guides and some posts on creative wrapping.

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