Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspired by AMERICA!

It's a good week for America and that is making me feel especially patriotic right now. I just found out that because of the health care bill that was recently signed into effect, I can be added back onto my mom's insurance in about six months, regardless of whether I have a job or not! Hurray!

Now, if you think that's inspiring check out what I have for you:

I really wish I could go back in time wear this to my prom. I truly do. It would have been really great especially considering my date had a Mohawk. I think if he saw me in this, he probably would have thrown up or just straight up refused to take me. The irony is, this as a prom dress is way more punk rock than a Mohawk, tuxedo, converse combo. Seriously though, for what event is this dress intended? I hope that Sara Palin wears this on her 2012 campaign trail.

Paris Hilton Introduces
Paris Hilton

You might not realize it from the above dress but red, white and blue outfits can be done right and here is my example. The secret is that the blue has to be a powder blue and the red and white then serve as an accent.


Ralph Lauren Spring 2010

Nothing says America like Ralph Lauren's bullshit, waspy designs. Or rather, nothing says America like this racist designer's marketable vision of the "American Dream" which appears to be actually just a rehash of what elite, white people wore in the early to mid 1900's. Looking at these worn overalls however, Lauren may  now be drawing inspiration from poor people. It looks like this model walked right out of a Great Gatsby mansion and stole a pair of overalls from some farmer weathering The Great Depression. As much as I despise this designer, I would still wear this outfit... because as I say, this design is not unique to Lauren and could easily be found in a thrift store and you know how I love vintage. Plus, I love overalls!

"Spruce" from Church & State

This dress is the exact same color as The Statue of Liberty. And it's on sale right now. The price is still listed at it it's original $310 figure, but  you have to remember that they cut it in half when you proceed to check out. It's a nasty little trick really. I used to live near a thrift store that always priced their items as 50% off. I used to just call it "The 50% Off Store." They put this giant hand painted sign in the window and just left it up all the time, except for some days when they would randomly change it to 30% off. Tricky, tricky. But anyway, this technique totally worked on me because I would wander through the store, pick up an old lamp, exclaim, "Twenty dollars!?" and then be so relieved that the price was actually ten dollars, that I wouldn't even bat an eye at buying it. 

Thick, red and white stripes is very American. You should be especially careful though, when selecting anything striped because stripes of another color combination or width can really quickly turn French or even Jamaican and that would be very Un-American and  then you would get to, "Git ooout!"

Ivan Helsinki from The Sunday Brunch Dress Shop

Stars and stripes and... Vulcans?

Star Trek aside, I usually hate long sleeved dresses but what I love about this one is that it is a seamless combo of knit sweater and weird ruffled jumper. Lovely detail on this dress, and it's on sale!

Michelle Obama in L'Wren Scott Spring 2010
Michelle Obama in an ascot tie, love it! Finally, a first lady with taste, now that's inspiring, America. Although, apparently there is some controversy about her bare arms in this outfit, what the hell? Is this like the no-shorts-in-the-office-law? I call bullshit on this. They obviously can't handle her guns. Why can't us stylin' babes catch a break?

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