Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ultimate Accessory

My boyfriend's dad has a classic MG buried in his garage. God, I want that car. I feel a little bit like I am cheating on my car when I say this but - I love classic cars. They are so choice. The last 30 years of car design has been total crap. How do people even find their cars in the parking lot? Everything is champagne colored and it all looks the same.

brother & the old ball and chain

For some reason people think my car is cool. Or at least I have been told this. I guess it is pretty cool, I can certainly spot it in a parking lot. It was a lot cooler before some a-hole stole it from in front of my house and then crashed it and abandoned it in a church parking lot but hey, what am I gonna do?

I think I might have absorbed this from an episode of Sex & the City but cars are to Californians what handbags are to New Yorkers. They are like a giant money-sucking accessory that also endangers your life and destroys the environment. Cool, huh? Well despite my passionate belief that we need to strengthen our public transit system, I am not about to become some kind of city bus riding martyr nor is it possible for me to ride my bicycle anywhere in a city this riddled with pot holes. Seriously, I can feel how bad the street is even in my mom's Audi. Riding in my car is like traveling in a covered wagon.

Plus, I cannot afford to buy or keep any of these cars, but a girl can dream.

1974 Karmann Ghia

When I look at a car I see a face. I like Ghias because they have a little moustache! Do you see? It also kind of looks like whiskers, like the car is a small foreign man or a mouse.

1957 VW Beetle

Love classic VWs! Somehow V-dubs make all girls look cuter. I know this woman is already a babe, but look at her little gloves! Maybe I am influenced too much by Herbie, but something about these old VWs exudes a happy love feeling within me.

1965 Splitty


Adorable! This is the kind of cute, hipster girl that you want to hate but then your realize you cannot hate her because you have too much in common and you love that she made little cut out hearts and covered her friend's car with them. So then you want to be her friend, but then you find out that she is actually a stuck-up bitch and you hate her.

Volvo Amazon

This is another big fave of mine. What a bitchin' paint job on this one and, as always, I love the greasers. If I saw these two on the street, I would totally call twin points though. Do these guys actually walk around like this together? Don't they realize that they have the exact same hair and outfit going on? The twin points game is very fun. All you need is a friend in the know and you can play it constantly. Any time you see two people who are together and dressed the same, you call out, "Twin points!" and whoever calls that out first gets the points. If you see a pair of actual twins who are dressed the same you get double points. It's pretty exciting. This game is the most fun when you are in a super touristy area. I came up with it when I was visiting a friend in Santa Fe. I kept seeing these older couples walking around in what I swear to be the exact same pair of oversized khaki shorts accessorized with Chacos and floppy hats, of course. I mean, maybe it is just so they can find each other more easily but you'd think that guy would be pretty freaked out if when he's wandering around, window shopping, he suddenly thinks, "Oh, there's my wife" before realizing that it is actually just a reflection of himself.  

MGA Twin Cam

I hope to some day ride in the passenger seat of this baby. Although, this young man does look like he is about to rob this hot dog stand...

1968 Pontiac Firebird

This car is sex.

Alfa Romeo

Another fave of mine ever since my mom's gay husband bought one on Ebay and had it delivered to the office. Another beautiful photograph by San Francisco-based photographer Dimitry Popov. You should definitely check out his site.

And finally, what we should all be driving...
 a Mini!

I may also add that I hope this trend of smallness returns in the world of purses as well. Aren't you girls sick of hauling around those giant hobo bags yet? I mean doesn't the very name suggest its impracticality and ill taste?

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