Friday, March 19, 2010

Nesting: Cute Stuff For Your Home

Dear blog readers... or rather... Dear Marnie (since I am pretty sure you are the only one who looks at this),

I have been feeling rather nesty lately, and by that I mean I have been getting the urge to buy a lot of useless but alluring crap. This makes almost no sense since I am currently living in my dad's house, in my childhood room, which my dad has painted 4 different shades of ugly from random cans of paint he found in the garage. Make no mistake when I say childhood room, all of the cool stuff that I accumulated from age 1-18 has been cleared out and stuffed into boxes so that my dad could rent out the room while I was at college. The only remaining trinket from the past is a very uncool Humpty-Dumpty lamp, which I hated even then. Especially because it has a musical element, which plays a very creepy and slow version of the accompanying song.

At any rate, I love the idea of decorating living spaces with that touch of child whimsy in mind.

White Rabbit Lamp from Sprout Home

I adore this glowing rabbit lamp. If I had a kid I would want this kind of lamp for their room. Who says children's furniture has to look like someone melted down a box of crayons to create it? I also maintain that this is a charming item for an adult's living space, this is the kind of childhood item that I would carry around with me well after the age of 16.

Incredible wall decal designs by Inke Heiland. What a cool idea? These sillouttes are made from vintage wallpaper. Love it! You can check out the online store here.

Butterflies from Etsy!

Nature is such a key element in childhood and nothing is more accesible or facinating than bugs! These butterflies are so beautiful and amazing, it's no wonder people frame them.

Sea of Sci-Fi Mug from Mod Cloth

Who doesn't love a girl weilding a ray gun?

Okay and let's not forget geodes. I don't think I even need to defend this one. I mean, geodes are just flat out magical.


Where else but Etsy?

I love these little guys! They remind me of an old cartoon featuring a very lovable little owl named Owl Jolson. Aside from that though,  I have a soft spot for owl figurines. I used to know a guy who filled his entire bathroom with owl statuettes and wall hangings and I have secretly wanted to do the same ever since.

Nothing says whimsy like floating orbs. Also, nothing says earthquake hazard like floating orbs but that is a risk I am willing to take. Just don't hang these babies over your bed. (I saw that Sprout Home has them for sale.)

Into the Foliage Wallpaper from Anthropologie

Anthro's prices may make you want to DIE, but some things are worth waiting for and I am fairly certain that this will go onsale someday and when it does it will be at half the original price.

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