Friday, March 26, 2010

Put Some Spring In Your Step

It's spring, kitty kats, and you know what that means? Well, it usually means sun dresses but this Spring seems to be all about separates. I am going to defy the trend though and press on with my Spring dresses post anyway.

What I love about this dress is that it has drama.

What I love about this dress is-- Whoah, what's with that model in the front? First off all her left foot is on sideways! Second, her left arm is shrinking into some kind of T-Rex claw! She looks like she might suddenly swing that thing behind the other model, hook her by the waist and drag her off scene. That said, the other model makes for a lovely prey. Cute shoes and hair. I'm usually not one to copy cat but I wish I could wear this exact outfit for the upcoming Easter festivities I am to attend with my boyfriend and his family. I'm not religious so the only real importance of the holiday is deciding what dress I get to wear.

"Calico Dress" from Anthropologie

Calico always reminds me of my old housemate's cat... incidentally that housemate hates patchwork, I, on the other hand, love it! Check out the detail on this dress, I especially like the structure of the top, it has a sort of soft bustier look to it. I would also like to point out that these colors are very refreshing, purrrfect for Spring. Also I can't get enough of this old-timey carnival theme in this shoot.

Abigail Lorick from Sunday Brunch Dress Shop

Gorgeous woven dress from Abigail Loricks Spring 2010 collection. For me, Spring clothes are all about color and this dress practically glows. I especially love the subtle geometric pattern, it reminds me of the beautiful tiles found in Turkish Baths.

Orla Kiely Spring 2010 Collection

I like to pretend that this model is a librarian who snuck away to have a tryst in a field somewhere. She likes books and cats and dust and she wears horn-rimmed glasses when no one is looking.

I love this little shop. They really have some unique stuff. Normally, this kind of wallpapper-esque print conjures a cat pee scented vision of an old lady's house, but something about the color and the pleating here is just right. So if you can get over that sensory experience I just planted in your head, don't you think this dress is actually pretty cute?

And now for the grand finale!

MEW MEW, Miu Miu! I save the best for last, kitty kats. One of my favorite collections. I love this bizarre, pattern happy, cut-out, rhinestone, collared parade! Not to mention the SHOES!


So weird and cute. I like the sparse naked people prints and the prints matched with prints and the amazing suits. A fancy feast, indeed. If and when I can get my hand on one of these dresses I will wear it always.

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