Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Friday I'm in Love!

My week sucked but at least it's Friday and at least I am still in love. Anyone have any exciting plans this weekend? I'm going to take the advice of this graph:

I think I need to change something and I am pretty sure that something is my job. It's so hard to escape a toxic environment when you get paid to be there. Plus, everyone has this attitude like you better hang on to what you have because there are people without jobs out there! Well, I happened to catch an episode of Freakonomics  on NPR a little while ago that talked about the value of being a quitter. Super interesting stuff. It made me realize that the only thing I have ever quit in my life was Girl Scouts and various boyfriends but I was unhappy for way too long before I finally quit them. Plus, there are lots of other things in  my life that I hated but didn't quit. I left them eventually but I always had an excuse, I was moving, I was going back to school etc. I didn't outright quit. Looking back I wish I had quit and I really wish I had quit some other things sooner than I did. I'm thinking it's time I learn how to be a quitter! 

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