Monday, February 6, 2012

Green Gables Style Update

My Anne of Green Gables style post continues to be one of my most popular posts despite the fact that I wrote it last year so I thought I'd do a little follow up on it and give you some new Anne looks and tips! I've also started a pinboard just for you readers who can't get enough and I'll update it with new Anne finds when I come across them and give you tips on how to style them in the description.
Lace up booties

Lucky for those of you trying to rock this style there are still plenty of trends that fit into the Green Gables category this year. My favorite of which is definitely lace-up boots! Check out these ones from Ruche. They are a great Anne shoe because you could wear them in the fall with plaid wool skirts and blazers or in the winter with jeans and Victorian blouses or in the spring and summer with a lacey white dress!

Adorable Anne Blouse
Check out this adorable blouse from To Be Adored! It's a great top for early Spring and you could wear it with tailored shorts or a midi skirt then pair it with a straw hat and oxfords. I love the color, too. 

GG socks

Here's a super cute pair of socks that would add that extra touch to an spring Anne look. There's lots of great Anne pieces at Free People

High collar + Lace = very GG

I'm also lovin' this high-collar dress from Nasty Gal. You could wear it with lace-up booties or oxfords. Layer it with a blazer and tights for cooler weather or just throw on your flat brim straw hat and stroll out into the warm sunlight. 

Classic Anne Blazer

JCrew is my go to spot for good blazers. It's also a good place to find wool or cotton ties. This is a classic Anne blazer in tweed!

For a bit of an updated Anne look, watch for cut-out oxfords this Spring. They will look great with summer dresses or shorts. You can add some flower print socks for a little extra flare. 

plaid midi skirts

Don't worry, I didn't forget about the plaid! Some Anne items can be hard to find so don't forget about vintage. There's no shortage of plaid skirts, tailored vests, or prairie revival from the 70's so be sure to check your local thrift stores and Etsy. Vintage is probably the best route for Anne hats as well. You might even be able to find something authentic! Feel free to leave your Anne styling questions in the comment section below!

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