Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ultimate Babe: Joseph Gordon Levitt

I'm not one to get celebrity crushes but have such a crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt. It's not just that he's cute, funny, a good actor, or that he seems like a nice guy in real life. It's mostly that every time I hear/read an interview with him he is so articulate and intelligent and he seems to have an incredible amount of compassion. I heard an interview with him and Terry Gross the other day and he was talking about his website The website is all about letting go of your sense of ownership in the things that you create and opening up your creative process to collaboration from other artists. I think it's lovely. He seems like a such a smart, cute, positive and interesting person. <3!

It's funny, I didn't even know when his birthday was (cause I'm not creepy like that) but it turns out it is tomorrow. Happy Birthday Joseph Gordon Levitt! 

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