Friday, June 11, 2010

Diane, You Von Kill Me!

Once again Diane Von Furstenberg takes the cake for me in her resort line! 2010 is giant bows and color play, 2011 will be slouchy, chic and well patterned. Love it.

These are my three favorite looks. Love the bag and these black and white prints. I usually don't like black and white prints very much but these are so dynamic. I like how different patterns meet to create one or how one pattern twists to become many. They remind me of my current wallet and a purse I just bought. I like to think of it as Hawaiian chic.

Diane must have gotten her inspiration for those prints from handmade items like these. I love it. The weaving effect of her prints is stunning.

I'm also diggin' these looks.

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  1. When I write about runway fashions I always start to sound like a gay man. The effect of her print is 'stunning'? I never use that word!


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