Monday, June 21, 2010

Uncontrollable Urge

I have been invited to a friend's wedding! The invitation says "country casual" attire... I'm not sure what that means but I think I am going to have fun figuring it out! The wedding is in July (super short notice) so I have been scouring Etsy to find something appropriate. If I am honest with myself, I know I have at least 3 dresses in my closet right now which would totally pass as country but I am not excited to wear any of them probably because I am a shopaholic. Anyway, I am feeling a little discouraged and guilty right now because I made some bad online shopping choices and bought what I thought was a country style blouse but according to my mom, it looks like something a Mormon wife would wear. Plus, then I decided I wanted to wear a dress and I bought one that turned out to be ripped, cheap and unflattering. So, now I am kind of feeling like I should just suck it up and make something work from my existing closet... but that is like telling a gambler to quit when they are down.

Image from a favorite Etsy store La Meow

When I read the invitation, my first thought was that I would finally have an excuse to hunt for a Gunne Sax dress! I have come across some really cute Gunne Sax dresses before but the waists are always impossibly small! I thought I might be able to find one that fit me on-line but I have had no such luck. Still, <3 Gunne Sax. If only I had more time to hunt... so this is my number one choice. I think I will go thrifting this week- cross your fingers for me!

My second idea is to find a really great vintage print dress with horses on it or some other western theme. The good news is that I found it, the bad news is that it is waaay out of my price range. Still, isn't this fun? If you can't see the details, the fabric has a cowboy riding through a desert landscape. I love it. I think stuff like this is pretty rare but maybe I will really luck out and find something like this for cheaper when I go thrifting.

Vintage cowboy hat, western shirt, and boots from Etsy. Corduroys from Built By Wendy.

The great thing about picking out an outfit for a wedding is that I get to pick out my date's outfit, too! I try not to be too controlling but I think my boyfriend likes it when I help him pick out what to wear. I love it when he lets me. In fact, I love it when anyone lets me! Which is probably the reason why I started this blog. Anyway, these are my picks for my boyfriend's "country casual" look inspired by this image from a real wedding I read about over at 100 Layer Cake.

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