Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Weirdness Flows Between Us

 Well, it's that time again. Time to laugh at some weird crap I found on Etsy. You may have missed my last post on this subject, you can catch up here. The paradox is that there are things in this world, that are so weird that you feel you must buy them but they are not something you want to own. Therefore, you should buy them and then give them to your friends. They become a hilarious burden passed along from person to person. That is probably why so many of them are for sale. You see them in thrift stores, at garage sales, in garbage cans, in a free pile... but sometimes you find them at their source, in the hands of their creators, on Etsy. So here's another round! Maybe you will be inspired to buy one of these bizarre items for a friend? My friends certainly love receiving little gifts, such as these, upon their bed pillows.

Ugly mask from Etsy

This would be good for those days when you aren't feeling so pretty... you can just put this on and then when you take it off, you will be so relieved that your face doesn't actually look like this- you will feel beautiful again! How can you resist? I love the rosy cheeks, beard and especially the green mouth. Is the green supposed to symbolize incredibly stinky breath?


These dolls may be weird and gross but they are also kind of cool. Check out the techni-color body suit on the one of the right. These would be great for hiding around your friend's house. One on her underwear drawer, one under her pillow, one in her jewelry box, one in the freezer... Sometimes dirty, old, and bizarre mix together to make something wonderful and I think we have it here: The Ugly Misfit Gang!

Click here to find out wtf these are.

If you are wondering what these are and why they cost $68, we are on the same page. I mean, they look like lumpy dolls made from laundry lint. Apparently, they are Chinese dragons. I checked out this sellers other items and there are some much more identifiable felt figurines but these just look like blobs of liver to me. They are however, THE perfect thing to give to someone as a gift because they are so delightfully ambiguous. That is, if they were free.

I am sorry to do this to you all, but they are just too gross not to show you! These are REAL squirrel paw earrings. Yuck! Can you imagine these brushing up against your neck all day? Getting tangled in your hair? BARF! What's worse is that there are somehow 8 hearts for this item! How could you not buy these for your friend? Imagine her disgust and horror!

If I were an aunt, this is definitely what I would buy my nephew/niece. What child would not love a disfigured stuffed animal? And what better way to upset your sister-in-law? The chimp with two faces? He could have two names! This is some serious Wednesday Adams stuff.

What's great about these, is that they are magnetic. So you can put them in all sorts of random places when your friends aren't looking. Think about it...

I have saved my favorite for last. Is this not inspiring?
I don't think I could resist buying this if I saw it in person.
It would be excellent to hide in a neighbor's garden...

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