Thursday, June 10, 2010

DIY Shoes!?

Have you ever thought about making your own shoes?

She did!

Meet Mary Wales Loomis, author of "Make Your Own Shoes". This woman is my new idol. She taught herself to make shoes using a cast of her own feet (cobblers call it a "last") now she has custom shoes that match her dresses and they fit her perfectly. You can read her story here. 

I often have thought about trying to make my own shoes... how hard can it be?


I bought these vintage hush puppies two years ago and I have worn them to death. And I am still wearing them; I am wearing them beyond the grave. I am wearing them right now, in fact. But every time my mother sees me in them she says, "You need to throw those shoes out!" They certainly don't look like this anymore. The leather is dry and cracked all over. My first thought was to take them to my shoe repair guy, but he said the leather is beyond repair. My second thought was to search for an identical pair... no such luck. My third thought was to have someone custom make them for me but I have not been able to find anyone who does that. Where have all the cobblers gone? Then I found Mary's website and I am starting to believe I can do this myself!

Imagine the possibilities...

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