Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking Luna Lovegood

Hello Zombies!

I had a little fun last week and got a little nerdy. I created a collection of clothes that I think you might find in Luna Lovegood's closet. Luna is my favorite Harry Potter character and although she was styled super dowdy in the HP movies, while reading the books I always imagined her to be really stylish (in the weirdest possible way, of course)!

I envision her wearing these items together with lots of layering, mismatched patterns, and strange accessories. Sort of a granny/vintage/hippie/chic look with plenty of whimsy and style. I can't picture her wearing pants for some reason or showing a lot of skin. I have included a lot of tank tops and some shorts but I picture her wearing the tanks over or under other pieces and I think she pretty much always wears tights and/or socks of some kind.

You can scroll through all the items in the collection using the arrows on the bar above. Hope you like my collection! I have to admit, after making it I kind of want to dress this way- even though it's totally eccentric! What do you think? Is it Luna?
I had so much fun doing this I am trying to think of other fictional characters to make wardrobes for, any ideas? (It doesn't have to be an HP character).


  1. Love this concept! I'd like to see you style a modern-day Anne Shirley, since I got a little ticked off by a "Green Gables" shoot on 100 Layer Cake this morning that had .nothing. to do with Green Gables at!

  2. Omg! Not only did I see that on 100 layer but I was actually just telling my friend last week about how I want to do a green gables collection! That shoot was such a let down. I am a huge green gables fan I think I will give it a try.

  3. Oh, by the way...I kind of went all-out as Nymphadora Tonks for the recent HP7.2 release. =) SO MUCH FUN! I think I could stomp around in a flowing ankle-length leather vest, frilly black blouse, and big black boots all the time - not forgetting the pink hair, of course! (I'm linking a photo to my name, here...)

  4. You look amazing! ahaha I love it!


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