Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anne Of Green Gables Inspired Wardrobe

If you like this post, read my interview on how to get the 'Green Gables' look! Also, here's an update on how to get the Anne look in 2012! Double also here's my ongoing pinboard for Anne style clothes!
I have another good one for you this morning! Are there any Anne of Green Gables fans out there? I am so excited to show you my collection of Anne of Green Gables inspired clothing! If you haven't read the books or watched the mini series I highly recomend it.

It's hard not to fall in love with Anne and her Green Gables. I have been in love with this story since I was a little girl. As I have gotten older, I have had a lot of fun exposing my friends to it. I used to have a housemate who, after watching the mini series, would always call out across the thrift store to me, "THIS IS SO GREEN GABLES!" and hold up an a weird dress with puff sleeves while we were shopping together. Anne's fashion is pretty dated as you can see! (The story takes place in the late 1800's). For this reason, I was a little hesitant to try and make an Anne inspired collection but I think I was able to stay true to the tone and still come up with some wearable styles. I hope you agree!

You can scroll through all the items in the collection using the arrows on the bar above. I would love to have feedback from some Anne fans. Is it 'Green Gables'? Would you wear this style? I for one love the boots and the hats.


  1. Love it!! Another thing I've been seeing quite a bit lately is lace overlay on the neck/shoulders of fun summer tops - a nod to the big lace Bertha collars of Anne's day.

  2. Love the hats & necklace & blazers... ok, maybe I love it all!

    This post has made me so happy. I love finding a fellow Anne enthusiast.

    Remember when Matthew fumbles around the store, stalling and asking for all kinds of things before finally admitting he came to buy the dress with the PUFFED SLEEVES? Oh, the puffed sleeves!

    And Gilbert. Gilbert Blythe. For as long as I live, he will make my heart happy.

  3. I have no words to describe how much I adore Anne. I read the book and watched the japanese anime, which it's incredibly poetic and I loved it so much that I didn't want to see any live action version, I was too afraid to ruin it :) A while ago I wrote a post about it, oh I cried so much, it was like saying goodbye to a dear friend. If you haven't seen the anime I strongly recommend it to you. Here is the link: http://rosaspinavintage.blogspot.com/2011/03/anne-of-green-gables.html
    And yes, I would totally wear the pieces you featured, I do have the Dear Creatures Blossom dress and it's one of my favorite things!
    Take care,

  4. Bekah-I just started noticing that trend, too! Funny.

    Laura- Truer words never spoken. I love that part w/ Mathew and Gilbert, of course! My only dissapointment is at the end... I always wish she would kiss him more dramatically but I guess that is the point. That she realizes she doesn't want some silly, dramatic love. She wants what was in her own backyard all along!

    Ale- That is kind of how I feel about the mini series, I am reluctant to watch another version but I think I will have to now. You should definitely give the mini series a try. ;)

  5. Hello! My name's Clare I write for AnneOfGreenGables.com - Sullivan Entertainment's official website. I came across this post and really liked the fashion items you picked out. I was hoping to blog about this and maybe get some more input from you? If you're interested, please email me at chill@sullivan-ent.com. Thanks!

  6. love it all so much its hard to put into words!

  7. Clare, I'd love to and Jill I'm glad you feel that way! Thanks for reading, ladies.

  8. Any ideas on how to get an "Anne" look in the fall/winter? Or even some fun ideas for this coming Spring?

  9. Hi, In winter I would wear a lot knits & blazers and pair with long skirts, tights and ankle booties. Not sure how cold it is where you are but to answer your questions I would really just need to do another post. I was already thinking of putting up some more Anne outfits so stayed tuned and I will try to get an updated Anne wardrobe post up soon.


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