Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Wedding Guest Looks

Summer is near and that means a lot of weddings are under way. Last year I did some posts on wedding party attire but this year I think I will focus on the guests! I love it when wedding guests go all out with their outfits. Of course, no one wants to out do the bride but when guests show up looking great (in my opinion) it just enhances the whole experience and sets such a good vibe for the wedding in general.

Summer Wedding Guest Look #1

Summer Wedding Guest Look #1 by SillyHeart featuring sequin cocktail dresses

This first look is a little glamorous and is probably best for wedding events that take place in the evening. I love the draped shimmer of this dress! I recommend balancing the silver with some pinks... sort of a balance of warm and cools to keep the whole look edgy but still romantic.

This next look balances between a day and night look and could be worn for either. I love this peach and sage green together! I think the green brings some excitement to the neutrality of the peach and would make for a lovely wedding outfit. The best part is that it would be easy to coordinate with your dates outfit, just have him wear a sage colored tie!

Another color combo I am loving! I think this pale blue and bubble gum pink look so cute together. I paired this look with a white clutch to avoid looking matchy-matchy. This is another balance of warm and cool colors that works well for makeup. I think it's a super fun look for a wedding that's flirty but not scene stealing.

This last look is monochromatic but the color is gold so I thought it would be okay. I love this dress. Ruffles are so delicate and feminine and the color is lovely. I think it's a really nice toned down look for a wedding with the perfect amount of glitz! You could easily wear this to an evening wedding or during the day. This might be a good Bridesmaid outfit also if you are planning a wedding... in fact any of these would be pretty awesome for bridesmaids. By the way have you seen that movie yet (Bridesmaids)? It's super funny you should definitely check it out!

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