Friday, May 6, 2011

These Shoes Are Out of My League!

And by 'league' I really mean 'price range'! Why do I always fall for these expensive Rachel Comey shoes? I feel like a teenager falling for a boy on a motorcycle. The bad news is that at 400 big ones they will still be out of my price range when they go on sale! The good news is they are available at Anthro and that means that they will go on sale (knock on wood). I think I might have to take the plunge though because I am smitten.

Aren't they gorgeous? I love the heel.

In fact, I love everything about them. Including the dress that the model is wearing with them in this shot:

Anthro's clothes have been pretty sucky lately and the reviews on this dress do not bode well but it looks lovely on the model. Thank the gods this downward trend has not spread to their shoe collection! Btw stay tuned for next week because I will be posting the second installment of 'How to Build a Wardrobe' and it's going to be all about SHOES!

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