Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Etsy Fav: Sarah Seven

I've mentioned my love for Sarah Seven a few times before but I thought I'd make it official: I love Sarah Seven! That's right. Get me boom box, I'm holding it above my head.

Even better than Peter Gabriel, I have pictures of her 2012 Bridal! I wonder if I should just stage an engagement so that my mom will offer to pay for my "wedding dress" and I can buy one of these gowns... like really. (I know I titled this post as an Etsy fav but I don't think she is on Etsy anymore- that is just where I first found her. She has her own website now).

This last one is my favorite! I am in love with it. How gorgeous is this collection? She even has head pieces now and as always some party/bride's maid dresses. Check out her facebook page for all the pictures and while you are on there don't forget to like me, too!

What's your favorite dress?

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