Monday, April 25, 2011

The Skinny on Jewelry

I don't really wear a lot of jewelry (truth be told) but one of my friends is on a mission to wear more jewelry and accessorize with it more so I thought I'd do a post on some I dug up and share it with you all. :)

When I do wear jewelry, I usually lean towards boho. I don't know what it is. I love all the natural elements, wood, natural stones, animals, leaves... I can't get enough! Once when I was getting ready to out my housemate asked y I wasn't wearing any earrings and I kind of shrugged my shoulders so, she marched into my room to go through what I had and exclaimed, "This is all Santa Cruz jewelry!" It's true. But have gotten a little better at mixing it up since then.

I'm also really drawn to romatic/girlie jewelry. I love hearts and butterflies and flowers and beads. What's nice about this kind of jewelry is that it can go from day to night and become a little more dressy.

Here's another style of jewelry that I have labeled as 'crazy' but it's really just jewelry that is unique, weird or random. Sometimes I get an urge to buy something like this and I will usually love it for 2 months and then stop wearing it and forget I even own it. I used to wear this one heart shaped mood ring with a tiny shell in the middle. I thought it was awesome because it was like 3 cheesy things in one. I don't really know where it is right now but I think I still have it and if I found it I would probably love it again. Anyway, my favorite thing about this style of jewelry is that it is fun and it sometimes serves as a nice conversation piece when you are on a date or at a party. :)

This last style of jewelry is 'RITZY' but since probably none of us can afford to shop at Barney's, I did not even bother making a set. Instead, I am going to recommend you stock up on vintage rhinestone and pearls to achieve the glamorous look for special occasions. You can go to local thrift shops or just check out Etsy!

From SavageAttic
From Whimsicalvintage
From LetThemEatGumbo (love this name!)
From Sweetgala

This is just a few of the finds I saw on Etsy. There are tons more and I would say that Etsy is an excellent resource for finding jewelry in almost every category! Happy hunting, my little zomblets!


  1. Great blog! and I love the to check out some new favorites:)
    Thanks so much for featuring my Nettie Rosenstein set!


  2. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you so much for featuring by vintage rhinestone bracelet.


  3. Such awesome finds!
    As far as my jewelry taste goes - I like color. Nothing too flashy, but nothing just straight silver or gold, there needs to be some color to it. I am really digging a lot of these pieces!

  4. Thanks for commenting everyone! I love getting comments (and compliments!) I agree Dionne, I am a sucker for color, too.


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