Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Royal Wedding Party Hats!

I know a lot of people out there (especially in the UK) are attending royal wedding parties! I am really jealous because I don't know of anyone throwing one. So, I will live vicariously by picking out some lovely vintage hats for you all to wear! If you hurry you can probably still buy some of these in time for Friday! If you are not going to a royal wedding party (like me) you still may be interested in some of these awesome hats for days when you are feeling extra stylish or if you are attending a non-royal wedding or if you plan to go to the race tracks this summer!

From BreadButterVintage

From SalvageHouse
From LucysClosetVintage

From TheParaders

From BonesThatRoam

From VintageRepeats
From JessJamesJake
From Bytheway

Aren't these great? I wish hats would go back in style, I really do. Maybe us zombie fashionistas can spur the movement! My work is having their summer party at the Del Mar race tracks this year and I am definitely going to rock a vintage hat!

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