Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ultimate Babe: Walter Skinner

Hello X-Files fans!

Have you ever asked yourself, "Are we alone in the universe?" Well, that is exactly what my friend and I have been asking ourselves as we re-watch our favorite late night television show ala Netflix instant. But we aren't wondering about the existence of aliens, we are wondering if anyone else out there thinks that Walter Skinner is a STONE COLD FOX! Are we alone on this? Why can't we find any pictures of him in his underwear on Google images?

Okay, I know he is bald and isn't your typical sex bomb but take another look people, there's something there. And please, allow me to enlighten you:

 Check out the build on this guy. Plus, if you could watch this scene you would see that he has one of the sexiest man struts I have ever! This guy must have "I'm Too Sexy" playing on repeat in his head.

Just look at how he smolders.

And here it is ladies and gentlemen, the coveted undie shots! Brought to you by me (sorry this is the best quality I could get out of Netflix instant). If these pics don't sell you, I don't know what will. I mean the man is ripped! Who cares if he's got no hair, look at that bod!

He's even sexy when he gets angry. In fact, that might be when he is the most sexy.

He has a nice smile too.

   And he's clearly in touch with his feminine side.

We just can't get enough and I have a feeling this post will unleash a whole bunch of closeted Skinner admirers. I'm pretty sure we are not alone and I am taking the existence of this You Tube video as proof!


  1. What a babe! especially when he punches that one guy in the gut.

  2. Love Skinner he is soo fine x I would not kick him out of bed x


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